Sportshall athletics was created to introduce young athletes to track and field in a form that could be practiced indoors and generally during the winter months when the weather can be unfavorable.


Werrington joggers support and encourage participation in Cambridgeshire AA organised annual Sports-hall athletics competitions, on a team competition basis, which are then used as the basis for County team selections for the Regional finals for Under 11's and for Under 13's/Under 15's.


Under 11 events

Circuit (Obstacle) relay (4 runners),

4 x 1 lap relay, 

6 Lap Paarlauf ,,

1+1 lap Relay (2 runners),

Standing Long-jump,

Standing Triple Jump,

Vertical |Jump.   

Balance test,        

High Stepper      

Speed bounce.   

Chest push,        

Target Throw     

soft javelin.         

Under 13 events

2 lap race, 

4 lap race, 

6 lap race, 


standing Long jump, 

standing triple jump, 

vertical jump, 

speed bounce,          

paarlauf relay (2 athletes), 

4 x 2 lap relay, (4 athletes)

circuit relay (4 athletes)

Under 15 events

2 lap race  

4 lap race, 


Speed Bounce,

Standing Long jump 

Standing Triple jump (Boys)  

Vertical Jump (Girls)

8 lap paarlauf relay (2 athletes), 

4x2 lap relay (4 athletes) 

2020/21 events

After a successful 2019/20 season Cambridgeshire AA will be holding Sports-hall athletics championships and county team selection competitions on


Saturday 7 November 2020 at the Bushfield Sports centre, Peterborough, PE2 5RQ (12.00 pm to 4.00 pm)


Saturday 5 December 2020 at The Cambridge University Indoor Sports Centre, CB3 0AS (11.30 am to 5.00 pm)