All the athletes registered for awards, and their award history.

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Name Current Age Range
Everton, Ray Senior Men History
Rawlins, Andy Senior Men History
Slaven, Billy Senior Men History
Turner, Philip Senior Men History
Wild, Barry Senior Men History
Curt, James Senior Men History
Garath Radbourne Senior Men History
Thomas Hamlyn Senior Men History
Ross Sutton Senior Men History
Ricky Moran Senior Men History
Andrew Keir Senior Men History
Clark McDonald Senior Men History
Martin Graves Senior Men History
Alex Curtis Senior Men History
Christian Welch MV40 History
Marc Sampson MV40 History
Prem Dvorak MV40 History
Ranson, Geoff MV40 History
Phillips, Chris MV40 History
Morris, Darren MV40 History
Morris, Mark MV40 History
McDonald, Daniel MV40 History
Lloyd, Scott MV40 History
Lucas, Jeff MV40 History
Ironside, Phil MV40 History
Gabbutt, Stephen MV40 History
Bently, Justin MV40 History
Gibb, Steve MV45 History
Crosby, Stuart MV45 History
Hall, Rodney MV45 History
Kerrison, David MV45 History
Nankervis, Kevin MV45 History
Parker, Phil MV45 History
Richardson, Roger MV45 History
Stevens, Martin MV45 History
Singh, Ram MV45 History
Gordon Pennington MV45 History
Mark Crookes MV45 History
Ian Humphries MV45 History
Taylor, Richard MV45 History
Revell, Tristan MV45 History
Platten, Paul MV50 History
Chas Campen MV50 History
Wright, Dave MV50 History
Turner, Mark MV50 History
Rigg, Ken MV50 History
McDonald, Rod MV50 History
Hall, Andrew MV50 History
Hamlyn, Phillip MV50 History
Flynn, Dave MV50 History
Richard Moisey MV50 History
Griffin, Mark MV50 History
Malc Jacklin MV55 History
Cook, Tim MV55 History
Arundell, John MV55 History
Huckle, Julian MV55 History
Fisher, Mick MV55 History
Scott, Andy MV55 History
Derek Smith MV55 History
Steve Hope MV55 History
John Newman MV60 History
Pilvousek, Steve MV60 History
Nitsch, Bob MV60 History
Murphy, Terry MV60 History
Darnell, Paul MV60 History
Diver, Bill MV60 History
Fairclough, Tom MV65 History
Burgess, Paul MV65 History
Cave, Ron MV65 History
Roger Sayer MV65 History
Connor, Mike MV70 History
Fell, Jim MV70 History
Montgomery, Elaine Senior Ladies History
Kolind, Lotte Senior Ladies History
Cooper, Stephanie Senior Ladies History
Bracken, Claire Senior Ladies History
Foster, Gemma Senior Ladies History
Garzia, Kayleigh Senior Ladies History
Cook, Claire Senior Ladies History
Desbruslais, Emma Senior Ladies History
Watson, Jade Senior Ladies History
Wild, Suzie Senior Ladies History
Josey Garratt Senior Ladies History
Emily Douse Senior Ladies History
Laura Whale Senior Ladies History
Michaela Banks Senior Ladies History
Laura Wilson Senior Ladies History
Kiasten Gordon-Griffin LV35 History
Turner, Katherine LV35 History
Stockham, Helen LV35 History
Newcome, Louise LV35 History
Marsden, Vanessa LV35 History
Mathieson, Mandy LV35 History
Gould, Odette LV35 History
Neil, Rebecca LV40 History
Lockwood, Karen LV40 History
Kisbee, Mandy LV40 History
Giddings, Melanie LV40 History
Palmer, Elaine LV40 History
Somers, Sharon LV40 History
Clare Humphries LV40 History
Platten, Jo LV40 History
Wendette Christian LV40 History
Kelly O'Donoghue LV40 History
Kate Mann LV40 History
Sadie Boor LV45 History
Jayne Turner LV45 History
Joanne McDonald LV45 History
Revell, Heather LV45 History
Emma Wiles LV45 History
Sharon Stancer LV45 History
Debbie Montague LV45 History
Sandra Prodrick LV45 History
Rawlins, Linda LV45 History
Richardson, Louise LV45 History
Jinks, Louise LV45 History
Thomas, Sharon LV45 History
Thompson, Jill LV45 History
Flynn, Donna LV45 History
Ding, Lorraine LV45 History
Doughty, Samantha LV45 History
Burnett, Sue LV45 History
Crosby, Louise LV45 History
Cook, Carol LV45 History
Wynne, Sarah LV45 History
Lavender, Viv LV45 History
Greenway, Tanya LV45 History
Hall, Sharon LV45 History
Hall, Trudi LV45 History
Hunt, Catherine LV45 History
Hamlyn, Ros LV50 History
Hall, Caroline LV50 History
Fassler, Denise LV50 History
Williams, Janice LV50 History
Penketh, Sara LV50 History
Rose, Lena LV50 History
Barnatt, Angela LV50 History
Hedger, Karen LV50 History
Helen Jeffries-Harris LV50 History
Donna Das LV55 History
Caroline Sefton LV55 History
Rachel Wisbey LV55 History
Arundell, Sandra LV55 History
Homan, Rowena LV55 History
Jeyes, Joy LV55 History
Diver, Shirley LV60 History
Wood, Ann LV60 History
Thomas, Jude LV60 History
Gillian Holmes LV65 History
Jane Brown LV65 History
Brewin, Hazel LV65 History
Connor, Marian LV70 History
Ken Popple MV80 History