Announcements since 15/10/2017
15/10/2018 Newcomer of the Year

Members who have joined this year and are therefore eligible to be nominated as Newcomer of the Year are


Peter Norman

Ross Brown

Richard Lowings

Martin Hall

Emily Douse

Ricky Moran

Heather Revell

Laura Whale

Andrew Keir

Wendette Christian

Julie Collings

Mark Crookes

James Savage

Richard Moisey

Shayne Taylor

Gabriela Chandler

Tom Mayes

Rachel Morton

Maria Inquieti

Aalyah Naqvi

Julie Posnett

Kate Mann

Kayley Moses

Catherine French

Laura Anne Wilson

Sharon Stancer

Sharon Hodgkin

Alan Good

Robert Graham

Vikki Tompsett

Marie Drury


15/10/2018 New Club Record

Congratulations to Jude Thomas for smashing the existing LV60 Half Marathon record at the PGER yesterday in a time of 1:53:00

08/10/2018 Be safe Be Seen

There was some concern last week about the number of club members in dark clothing going out for the Tuesday evening run so we have bought a stock of "one size fits most" reflective bibs


They are £5 each and Tim will have them tomorrow evening. If you'd like one please bring your £5 then you can put it straight on for the Tuesday run

08/10/2018 Advance Performance vouchers

Tim has received 10 x £10 vouchers to be used against the purchase of running shoes from Advance Performance (excluding sale shoes). They are valid for a month, expiring on 2nd November 2018. If you would like one please let Tim know via the wjchairman email address and he'll have it for you next Tuesday

02/10/2018 New Club Record

Congratualtions to Thomas Fairclough who has repeated last years feat and beaten his own MV65 Marathon record with a time of 3:50:02 at the Loch Ness Mararthon.

02/10/2018 Priory Park Frostbite - Additional Parking

Riverside Runners have managed to provide some more dedicated parking this year. Please see here

for details of the off street parking arranged in addition to the normal locations.

05/09/2018 Juniors Autumn Season

Just a reminder that our Juniors season starts again on Tuesday 4th September.

19/08/2018 New Club Record

Congratulations to Ken Popple who set the MV75 5k record at the Barney Memorial 5k last wednesday in a time of 29:38

13/08/2018 Senior Club Championships Updated

Updated following the Werrington Closed 5

02/08/2018 Senior Championships Update

Senior championship standings are now updated after the Heckington 10.

31/07/2018 Grimsthorpe 10k is Back !

Please share to all your members, thanks in advance

Lisa Richardson

Bourne Town Harriers


Hello Clubs/athletes

Could you please forward to all facebook pages/athletes via email or however you contact all your members - Grimsthorpe Castle10k/3k is back!

We have been steadily bringing this race back from the brink since Grimsthorpe Castle estate stopped having their family fun day with the 10k/3k attached. Each year, we aim to make it bigger and better, so little by little we are getting there.

The date for this year is Sun 16 Sep and we have new bespoke medals for the 10k! The start and finish is directly by the entrance to the house so a spectacular photo opportunity as you go through the line. Prizes for individuals and teams (4 men, 3 women to count).

If you’ve never done the course - it is picturesque, multi-terrain and has elements of elevation! Trail shoes are advised.

Entries are via  

3k race starts at 10.15am and family members have free entry to the estate from  10.30am only but it then for the whole day - so why not bring a picnic and enjoy what the estate has to offer - castle, park and gardens plus a tea room and shop.

10k race starts at 11am. 

The castle is situated on the A151 PE10 0LY - north east of Bourne, Lincolnshire.


29/07/2018 Guestimate - Updated Results

A couple of errors crept into the original posted Guestimate results, these are now corrected and updated.

28/07/2018 Heckington 10 - Eligibility

Unfortunately today's Heckington 10 wasn't.


I mean it wasn't 10 miles. It was about 150m short of the published distance becasue the race officials directed us off the track one lap too soon when we started. It seems they put in part of a lap at the end to try to make the distance up, but it was still short. Although 150m sounds a trivial amount after 10 miles, depending on your finish speed, it could be 20-50 seconds of running.

This means that, although the race had a license and the route was a measured 10m, the actual race today cannot be claimed as a Standard or be used as a Club Record. Of course, the club championships do not require a measured route, so all the points and positions are unaffected.


26/07/2018 Senior Championships

latest standings after the 5k now available

24/07/2018 Guestimate Results

2018 Guestimate results are now available on the Seniors pages

14/07/2018 New Runners Rota Update

An up to date new runners rota is now available

07/07/2018 Get Fit for the Eastern - Runners needed

Volunteers required

Get Fit for the Eastern Sessions start on 11th July and will be held fortnightly so on 25th July,  8thAugust,  22ndAugust,  5thSeptember,  19th September and 3rd   October.  GPAN would like runners from the local clubs to come along and take part in a 50 minute run (25 mins out and 25 mins back) on  route from the Athletics track.  You can run at whatever pace you like, please be prepared to say what pace you will run at. 

If there is anyone attending the sessions that wants to run at this pace they will run with you. 

There is no track alternative for volunteer club runners so there is no free Track session for club runners. 

Try the Track stops on Wednesday 20th June and restarts on 17th October. The Get Fit for the Eastern track sessions are being run for beginners. All lanes will be being used by the groups at the track so there is no facility for club runners to do their own thing.

07/07/2018 BRJ Invitational Social 10k

BRJ would like to invite members of all the Frostbite League clubs to a social 10K run on Tuesday 17th July.


The run is from the Three Jolly Butchers pub in Houghton/Wyton, in between Huntingdon and St Ives

3 Huntingdon Rd


PE28 2AD

There is only limited car parking at the pub so car sharing is encouraged, there is space on the street nearby to park as well.


Start time is 7pm, the 10k route will go through St Ives and the Hemingfords before returning to Houghton.


BRJ members will accompany different pace groups to guide all around the route - all then welcome for a drink in the pub afterwards.  


Details are on the BRJ website



07/07/2018 Sunday Run Correction

Until today the website incorrectly showed the Sunday Run on 8th July as Ferry Meadows.  It has been corrected now. The run is from Morrisons.

26/06/2018 Xtreme Guestimate

New details on the Xtreme Guestimate now in the diary.

21/06/2018 Senior Champs Updated

Latest standings after race 3 are now available.

21/06/2018 Junior Champs Updated

Latest standings after Race 5 are now available.

13/06/2018 Club Mile Results Available

Mixed Juinor and Senior mile results are on the Senior Club Championship Mile page.

31/05/2018 Senior Club Championship Results Updated

The senior club championship results are updated following Round 2

11/05/2018 Club Champs Updated

Senior club championships are updated with the results from Belton House

08/05/2018 Return of the Senior Handicap

Coming to a Cukoos Hollow near you, on the 24th May it the "Return of the Senior Handicap".

1.5 miles chase with the fastest runner having the biggest time penalty, with everyone chasing down everyone else (or just enjoying a run round the hollow).

See Diary for details.

03/05/2018 Werringtons in the News

Read the writeup of teh Pactrac Duathon at Peterborough Telegraph here.

Congratulations to Sadie Boor for getting a podium place as third lady, and a huge congratulations and thankyou to Wendette Christian who raised a massive £1,400 for the club charity on her first Duathlon outing.

03/05/2018 XTreme Handicap

Greetings fellow joggers and lovers of beer. Welcome to the latest WJ social event. Some details to confirm, but the basic premise is a handicap run from the brewery (approximately 5k, tbc) followed by BBQ and beer at Xtreme Ales, hosted by Mike and Gill Holmes. £2.50 per head, limited to 50 people. A list will go up on the board on Tuesday, with more confirmed details to follow.

Sarah Brown.

01/05/2018 New Race Reports

A flood of new race reports have been submitted; Paris, Newport, Greater Manchester and the Pactrac Duathlon. Thanks to all contributors.

24/04/2018 New Club Record

Congratulations to Jane Brown for setting a new LV65 marathon record at Blackpool this weekend in a time of 4:49:23

16/04/2018 Updated Junior Champs

Latest Junior club championship standings are now available.

04/04/2018 Sunday Run Survey

Thank you to everyone who responded to the Sunday club run survey. In total 89 people completed the survey. In terms of time change, 51% voted to keep the times as they are at present, 27% for all starts at 9am and 17% for all at 9.30am. In terms of whether the start time influenced whether people chose to join the run, 66% said made no difference. 

Therefore, the committee agreed to keep the start times as they are at present. All other comments about the runs have been duly noted and we hope to see you at one very soon!!

Thank you to everyone who completed a survey, the committee find this way of obtaining your views really helpful and therefore appreciate you taking the time to take part



26/03/2018 Vitality London 10k

Marshals required. Please add your name to the list on the noticeboard or speak to Tim Cook.

26/03/2018 Spring Buffet

This will take place at the Ploughman Pub after the run on Tuesday 1st May.

26/03/2018 England Athletics Registration

You can apply for membership of England Athletics from 1.4.18. Your membership will run until 30.6.19. If you don't apply and are currently a member then your membership lapses on 30.6.18. An application form can be found on the join and renew section of the website. The fee for 2018 -19 is £15.  Please give your completed form and payment to Tim Cook on a Tuesday night.  It should be noted that in order to be included as a member of a team for the Cambs Road League, for example, UKA rules apply and these state that you should be an individual member of England Athletics. 

16/03/2018 Ashby 20 Race Cancelled

See for details

14/03/2018 Frostbite Handicap

WJ Frostbite Handicap results are now available on the Senior and Junior Frostbite pages.

11/03/2018 Cambs Road League 2018

Fixtures now available and updated.

10/03/2018 New Date for GPAN Strength and Conditioning Workshop

The GPAN Strength and Conditioning Workshop that was caneelled due to the snow will now take place on Wednesday 11th April at 7pm at the Embankment Track.  Open to all WJ members. No charge. 

09/03/2018 Senior Club Champs - races now open for entry

The Sleaford Half, Grantham Cup (Belton 10k), Nottingham Half Marathon and Heckington 10 are all open for entry.

09/03/2018 Primary School Relay

If you are able to help Tim with the Primary School Relay, this Saturday 10th March at William Law School then please meet on the playing field to the rear of the school at 9:30am.


09/03/2018 Snoods (not Buffs)

SNOODS (not buffs!!)


The new Werrington Joggers order of snoods has arrived this morning. For everyone who preordered one I have reserved yours, but I do have a small number (10) left for anyone interested but wasn't quite so organised!!


They are £8 each please and I will have them for sale at either the Primary school relay on Saturday or next Tuesday at WJ. I will not be at Frostbite on Sunday





28/02/2018 28/2/18 GPAN workshop cancelled

Unfortunately tonight's strength and conditioning session has had to be cancelled as Vivacity have closed the Embankment Track due to the weather.

25/02/2018 Juniors - Quadkids Competition

4 dates for the Quadkids competitions added to the Club diary.  May 14th, June 11th, July 16th and September 24th. Please speak to a Junior coach if interested.

18/02/2018 Frostbite Lost Property

If you left a grey O'Neill's ski jacket at the Frostbite at Hinchingbrooke Park it will be brought along on Tuesday night for you to reclaim.

14/02/2018 Parking details for Frostbite 18/2/18

Please see for parking information and directions for Sunday's race.

03/02/2018 New Runners Rota

The 2018 new runners rota is now available.

31/01/2018 Frostbite 4 - Bourne - Change of Venue

Frostbite 4 will now take place at Nene Park (Ferry Meadows), and at a slightly earlier time of 10:45 for seniors and the normal 10:15 for juniors.

Please will volunteer marshalls find your way to the start/finish area at 09:30 on Sunday morning, and ask for Laura Whitton or Dave Richmond, who will organise the marshalling points (or point you to someone that will).

30/01/2018 GPAN workshop cancelled

Unfortunately the GPAN workshop on Youth Endurance on 31.1.18  has had to be cancelled due to a member of the presenter's family faling seriously ill.

29/01/2018 New Online Magazine - Forerunner

Please follow the link to the new local running magazine edited by our own Paul Halford.

15/01/2018 Junior 2017 Championships Results

The junior club championship results are now available.

14/01/2018 Frostbite 3 - March

Results for todays race can be found here

14/01/2018 Volunteers needed for parkrun takeover

Saturday 24th February is the next WJ parkrun takeover where we provide all/the majority of the volunteers. Please could you let Ros Hamlyn know if you are willing to volunteer. 

13/01/2018 Junior Presentation Evening

The Junior presentation evening will take place on Tuesday 16th January at 18:35 in the Drama Studio.  Awards are for the age groups in the Club Championships and for the Runner of the Year chosen by the coaches.  All parents welcome.

04/01/2018 Frostbite 14/01/18 - Parking

Please see the Frostbite Friendly League website for information and instructions on parking for the race on the 14th. As car parking is limited please car share wherever possible.

03/01/2018 Sunday Run 7/1/2018

Please see the Articles section for details of this Sundays run, including course maps and parking instructions.

31/12/2017 GPAN workshop

Wednesday 28th February 7pm -9pm. Strength and Conditioning, practical routines for runners.  Free. Open to all WJ members. Embankment Athletics track. Please bring an exercise mat if you have one.

28/12/2017 Club Diary - copy emailed to all

All members should have received the club diary by email.  If you haven't, then we don't have the correct email address for you.  Please let Sue have an up-to-date address if necessary. 

28/12/2017 Charity chosen for 2018

In 2018 WJ will be supporting No Gain No Pain (NGNPUK) who are a small local charity raising money for syringe drivers to be used in our local communities. 

A syringe driver is a small computerised machine that can be programmed to give patients a measured dose of pain relief and other drugs during palliative care.  The machines can help patients remain at home with loved ones instead of going into hospital or a hospice. 

 They cost £1100 each. NGNPUK have donated an extra 39 machines over the last two years and these have been in constant use since they were handed over.  One machine can help so many patients over its working lifetime. 

You can find out more about us at or



28/12/2017 Charity fundraising

The 3 charity runs, the Christmas Pudding Run, the Rice Pudding Run and the Boxing Day Run, raised £154 to start the fundraising for the 2018 Charity.  Full details about the 2018 Charity to follow. Thank you for your generosity. 

24/12/2017 New Club Record

Congratulations to Jane Brown for setting a new LV65 5 mile club record of 45:21 at the recent Wolverton 5

22/12/2017 No club night 26.12.17

Werrington Sports Centre is closed on Boxing Day. Next Tuesday night is 2nd January.  Check out the diary for alternative runs over the Christmas Period.

17/12/2017 2018 Calendars now available

The 2018 desktop calendar is now available.  Free to all members. Copies will be at the Club on Tuesday and afterwards at the pre Christmas Buffet at the pub. Thank you to Louise Jinks for putting this together.

13/12/2017 Charity total from Christmas Pudding run

The Christmas pudding run raised a grand total of £87 for our designated charity. Thank you for your donations.

13/12/2017 Juniors - Christmas Break

There are now no Junior sessions until 9th January.

13/12/2017 WJ Buffs

If you would like a WJ buff then please let Tim know as he is putting in an order.

13/12/2017 Rice Pudding Run 17.12.17

Sunday run from Reading Room in Bainton.  Distances from 4 miles. Please bring a mug, bowl and spoon. Thank you.

13/12/2017 Frostbite Friendly League - Rescheduled Race

BRJ have been able to reschedule the cancelled 10th December Frostbite race to the new date of 18th February 2018.

11/12/2017 Juniors Christmas Break + Presentation

The junior section will be taking a break over Christmas and the last junior session will be on 12th December, with the first of the new year being on 9th January. The junior presenation evening will beon 16th January, which is a normal training session, with the awards being given out from 18:30 with parents and family welcome to join us in the sports hall.


10/12/2017 Frostbite Race - Cancellation

Due to hazardous driving and marshaling conditions, Frostbite 3 has been cancelled.

07/12/2017 Senior Club Championships

Updated club championships standings now available.

07/12/2017 Presentation Tickets for sale

Cost £10 and available from Bill Diver on a Tuesday night.  This is our annual social event and is open to all senior club members and the parents of Junior members.  Non running partners are welcome too.  Please let a member of the committee know if you want tickets so you can be included in the catering numbers.



07/12/2017 Last Junior session 12/12/17

Next week is the last Junior session before Christmas, we start back on 2nd January.



07/12/2017 Head Torch Run 12/12/17

Next Tuesday (12th December) is a head torch run along the route to Marholm.  Different distances are possible, turn back when you have reached half way in the distance you wish to run. Please bring a headtorch and wear reflective or fluorescent clothing. 

07/12/2017 Pre Christmas Run and Buffet

On behalf of the Werrington Joggers committee I should like to invite you to our anual pre Christmas run and buffet in the Ploughman pub at Werrington Centre on Tuesday 19th December. If you are not able to get to Werrington Sports Centre for 7.00pm and the run then please still feel free to come and join us in the pub later for a chat and a bite to eat.


At the pub we will be presenting the 2017 club standard awards, donating the proceeds of our fundraising to our 2017 charity, the air ambulance service and will also have for sale tickets for our presentation evening in January


Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


Best Wishes



05/12/2017 Club Championships 2017 - Final Results

The final results are now available for the senior club championships

26/11/2017 Annual Awards - Closing Date

The 'ballot box' nominations for the annual awards are now closed, but if you have a nomination you can email it to any of the committee members, who will deliberate on all the nominations received at the next committee meeting on 4th December.

26/11/2017 Club Standards - Final Call

Are you expecting a Standards Triplet this year ?

If so, please go to and check that your name is spelled correctly and your award is as you expect.

The Standards website closes on midnight 30th November; any unclaimed standards must then be entered in January.

22/11/2017 Club Championships 2018

The club championship races for next season are;



15 APRIL 2018



6 MAY 2018



Embankment Track - Entry on the night only

13 JUNE 2018



Entry on the night only -

18 JULY 2018



*28 JULY 2018



Werrington Centre - Entry on the night only

7 AUGUST 2018





16/11/2017 New Club Record

Congratulations to Gillian Holmes who set a new FV60 club record back at the Fenland 10 2016 but has just noticed :-)


04/11/2017 Annual General Meeting

The clubs next AGM, as previously advised, will be held on Tuesday 21st November at the Ploughman Public House, starting at 9pm

The committee have received one proposal for discussion which is as follows:

It is proposed that Werrington Joggers amend the wording and intention of its constitution to "welcome runners to the club who have an interest and commitment to running for enjoyment, fitness and social community; and are able to comfortably run 3 miles distance."

This would be a fundamental change in our constitution, currently we welcome anyone, regardless of their current ability and set no minimum standard, either in terms of distance or time a person can run comfortably for.

The Committee believes that such a change should be made by the members, not the committee, and therefore the committee has no colective view and committee members will express their own personal view at the AGM, should they wish to.

I therefore hope you will now make an extra effort to attend the AGM on 21st November. This is your club and its for you to decide the parameters in which the club is managed going forward.

If any one has any questions before the AGM please speak to me, I should remind members that your 2017/18 membership must be paid for you to attend the AGM and only full members (not social members) are entitled to speak or vote on any motion

Tim Cook, Chairman.


31/10/2017 New Club Record

Congratulations to Jane Brown for setting a new FV65 club record for 10 miles with a time of 1:36:43 at the Fenland 10 yesterday.

31/10/2017 Fenland 10 Press Report

Press report on the Fenland 10 released by Fenland Running Club. Honorable mention of WJ's club championships.