Werrington Joggers do not have a dedicated results secretary and club records are maintained from claims made by individual athletes or as we are made aware that a record has been broken. Athletes are strongly encouraged to submit a record claim to any member of the committee who will update the record book, the website and the records board. Occasionally record claims are submitted by other runners on behalf of the competing athelete and this is completely acceptible.

An athlete must be a member of Werrington Joggers on the day of the race, but do not need to be registered in the race as a Werrington Jogger or competing in club strip. As with the club standards all records must be for a UKA or ARC certified race, or a foreign race with appropriate accreditation. Peterborough and Rutland Parkruns are accepted as measured courses for the purpose of 5km club records, but no other Parkrun venues.

Track and Field

Until 2015 Werrington Joggers competed in both Road Racing and Track and Field. As a result of a decision by the club Werrington Joggers is no longer registered as a Track and Field affiliated club and members are free to compete for other clubs in Track and Field events. We do keep track and field records and will accept new club record claims even though, neccessarily, members would be competing for another club at the event.

An exception to this general rule is the Club Championships Mile race which is a closed race for Werrington Joggers members and like all Championship events must be run in club strip.