1) To qualify for the club championships a minimum of 3 races must be completed and then your best 4 out of 7 race scores are added together to give your final total. 

2) 5-year age categories (age groups are based on your age at 1.1.2024)

3) Provided 3 races have been completed there will be 1st, 2nd& 3rd in each category

4) Club vests must be worn in all club championship races. Runners finishing a club championship race not wearing a club vest will not be awarded any points for that race in the club championship.

5) Runners wearing another runner's number (number swapping) in a club championship race will be permitted providing the race director permits it and has swapped the names in the final results. Many races do not permit number swapping and points will not be awarded to either the original holder of the race number if applicable or the person believed to have worn it, if the swapping of race numbers is not allowed by the race director.

6) Runners club subscriptions must be paid by the start of the race. Runners whose membership is not paid will not be awarded points from that race

7) Non individual affiliation to England Athletics may mean that in some races the runner is registered as 'unafiliated' for the purposes of that race; this will have no bearing on the club championships, and EA/non-EA members will score equally.

8) Finishing positions for the purpose of the club championships will be the chip time (where there is one) or the gun time (where no chip). The finish position within the race is not relevant for the club championships. The faster runner will always get more points, irrespective of the order they cross the finish line

9) Where two or more runners are tied for a first, second or third overall place in the championship after the last race, the ties will be broken by examining the head-to-head race results for those runners. Given seven races all runners should face each other at least once during a championship season and the result of that race will be used to select the faster runner where they are tied on points. This will mean that in general only three runners will be awarded trophies within each age category - only exceptionally, where there has been an even number of head-to-head races and the results for those races have in turn been equal and given no clear winner, will joint trophies be awarded.

2024 Fixtures and Results


FROSTBITE 5 MILE @ either Hunts AC or BRJ to be drawn out of the hat after both races have taken place


14 JANUARY 2024

10 MARCH 2024




14 APRIL 2024



EMBANKMENT TRACK - Entry on the night only

29 MAY 2024



WERRINGTON CENTRE - Entry on the night only

18 JUNE 2024




14 JULY 2024








27 OCTOBER 2024


Initial List of Competitors

New members will be eligible to take part in the championship; eligible members as of Jan 2024 are shown below.

Male Under 20   Female Under 20
Scott  Miller   Jaime Crookes
Andrew  Steels   Holly Crosby
Male Senior   Female Senior
Matthew Beeby   Madison Challis
William Cole   Heather Coshell
Philip Coudray   Claire Curt
James Curt   Rachael Fuller
Matthew Doyle   Katie Green
Rob Graham   Penelope Harrall
Jack Green   Tara Kelly
John Gretton   Abbie Lee
Simon Jacklin   Helen Thompson
George Lacey   Issy Thomson
Jonathan Parrish   Laura Whale
Luke Turner      
Philip Turner   Female Vet 35
Billy Youles   Tracey Cheung
      Toni Flack
Male Vet 40   Dawn Mclean
Ross Baxter   Elaine Montgomery
James Burton   Samantha Pinder
Andrew Keir   Samantha Reeve
David Mackman   Claire Swindale
Barry Wild      
      Female Vet 40
Male Vet 45   Anna Vicki Bernard
Craig Douglas   Clare Burgess
Premysl Dvorak   Angie Cox
Mark Evans   Isabel Culen
Stephen Gabbutt   Laura Harwood
Andy Martin   Vanessa Marsden
Dan McDonald   Verity Miles
Chris Phillips   Suzy Wild
Geoff Ranson      
Matthew Redman   Female Vet 45
Marc Sampson   Kelly Austin
Martin Stevens   Wendette Christian
Christian Welch   Mariuza De Aguiar
      Caroline Garner
Male Vet 50   Karen Lockwood
David Anton   Kate Mann
Adrian Baker   Louise Newcombe
Jon Barber   Sue Pilcher
Tom Berry   Esther Redman
Darren Challis   Helen Stockham
Mark Crookes   Emma Wiles
Stuart Crosby      
Mark Dujon   Female Vet 50
Paul Halford   Angela Barnatt
Philip Hamlyn   Andrea Bennett
Ian Humphries   Sally Cooper
Mark Morris   Samantha Doughty
Gordon Pennington   Shona Elkin
Tristan Revell   Emma Emerton
Robert Van Duyn   Sharon Hall
      Trudi Hall
Male Vet 55   Rosslyn Hamlyn
Dave Barsby   Clare Humphries
Mark Benns   Catherine Hunt
Leon Benoiton   Louise Jinks
Chas Campen   Joanne McDonald
Simon Ellwood   Debbie Montague
Simon Gilbey   Jo Platten
Jeremy Green   catherine pye
Rodney Hall   Heather Revell
Martyn Hunt   Louise Richardson
Richard Moisey   Sharon Thomas
Paul Platten   Jill Thompson
Stuart Popple   Jayne Turner
Calvin Searle   Katherine Turner
Derek Smith   Sarah Wynne
Alex Spires      
Mark Turner   Female Vet 55
      Sarah Bright
Male Vet 60   Kate Brown
Nigel Aitken   Caroline Chan
John Arundell   Juliette Cooper
Nicholas Bowlzer   Louise Crosby
Julian Bright   Donna Das
Christopher Brown   Mandy Ellwood
Tim Cook   Denise Fassler
Stephen Gibb   Donna Flynn
John Holland   Sue Fraser
Steve Hope   Caroline Hall
Julian Huckle   Karen Hedger
Malc Jacklin   Helen Jacklin
Philip Merritt   Julie Picton
Kevin Nankervis   Samantha Pitchford
Finlay Nelson   Helena Rose
Andrew Pitchford   Heather Saranne
Roger Richardson   Yvonne Scarrott
Jeffrey Roy   Caroline Sefton
Andy Scott      
Jeremy Thompson   Female Vet 60
Gerald Watson   Sandra Arundell
      Sharon Campen
Male Vet 65   Carol Cook
Ian Atkinson   Deirdre Fee
Paul Cooper   Keila Hickton
Paul Denyer   Rowena Homan
William Diver   Joy Jeyes
Andy Hallam   Sue Merritt
Rod McDonald   Rachel Wisbey
John Newman   Ann Wood
Ken Rigg      
Geoff Walden   Female Vet 65
      Ian Atkinson
Male Vet 70   Marie Caffyn
Paul Burgess   Shirley Diver
Ronald Cave   Rosemary Nitsch
Mike Connor   Diana Smith
Thomas Fairclough   Judith Thomas
Bob Nitsch      
Steve Pilvousek      
Roger Sayer   Female Vet 70
Desmond Stone   Hazel Brewin
      Marian Connor
Male Vet 75   Gill Holmes
Jim Fell      
Allan Haines      
Barry Loughton   Female Vet 75
Terry Murphy   Sue Drake
      Georgina Jennings
Male Vet 80      
Tony King      
George Prodrick   Female Vet 80
      Margaret Dobbins
Male Vet 85      
Arthur Deaton