The George Cant Trophy is a recent perpetual award presented by Werrington Joggers, to recognise the efforts of an unsung hero in the club, someone without whom its likely the that the club might not be as well known as it is or something might not otherwise take place, but as the years go by people start to ask "who was George Cant?"

Well George wasn't a member of Werrington Joggers and he wasn't a runner (or certainly not in his later years) but without George many of the local races in and around Peterborough simply wouldn't have taken place because George was one half of "George and Doreen" the couple you saw at the end of the finishing line of so many races, asking if you were ok, did you need anything, or if they weren't happy, asking you to just step to one side whilst you recovered from that final sprint to the line. George and Doreen were our volunteer first aiders, week in week out, rain or shine at almost every local race

George was passionate about first aid and making sure everyone was okay at the end of a race and when he lost his battle to cancer Doreen very kindly donated a trophy in his name to a number of the local running clubs with a wish that we award as we saw fit, to remember George

We were delighted to do just that and long may he be remembered with thanks by the local running community - a true unsung hero of Werrington Joggers




2008 / 2009

Ron Lucas

2009 / 2010

Ron Cave

2010 / 2011

Nic Bowlzer

2011 / 2012

Eric Jeyes

2012 / 2013

Emma Rigby-Rayner

2013 / 2014

Phil Lloyd


Rosslyn & Phillip Hamlyn


Andy Scott


Louise Richardson


Julian Huckle


Jane Brown


George Prodrick


Paul Burgess


Not Awarded


Sue Merritt


Carol Cook