The Runner of the Year award (and indeed the runner up award) are awarded each year to someone to recognise their contribution to the club or achievement in the previous 12 months. It may recognise someone who has given long service, someone who has "gone the extra mile" for the club or someone who has made a significant improvement in their running.

A runner up award is also made and whilst its often made to a person of the opposite sex to the winner of the Runner of the Year award, that is not a pre requisite of winning the award

The Runner of the Year award is open to each and every member of the club and members are encouraged to promote their nominees in confidence to any member of the committee through out the year for consideration






Ron Lucas


1994/ 1995

Sue Merritt



Malc Jacklin



Roger Sayer

Carol Cook


Rosie Loughton

Jim Fell


Paul Burgess

Deirdre Fee

1999 / 2000

Jim Fell

Tracey Thorburn

2000 / 2001

Tom Fairclough

Candy Game


Karen Lake

Ron Cave

2002 / 2003

Margaret Dobbins + Barry Loughton


2003 / 2004

Liz Duggan + Andy Scott


2004 / 2005

Andy Rawlins

Sue Merritt

2005 / 2006

Paul Halford

Louise Richardson

2006 / 2007

Ron Cave

Michelle Urquhart

2007 / 2008

Linda Rawlins

Carol Cook

2008 / 2009

Eric Jeyes

Sean Murphy

2009 / 2010

Eli Scott

Ken Popple

2010 / 2011

Judith Thomas

Phil Lloyd

2011 / 2012

Rodney Hall

Thomas Fairclough

2012 / 2013

Paul Halford

Kelly Green

2013 / 2014

Paul Denyer

Sharon Hall


Louise Jinks

Martin Stevens


Sandra Arundell

 Jude Thomas


Male Runner of the Year

Female Runner of the Year


Jeff Lucas

Ann Wood


Dan McDonald

Rosslyn Hamlyn


Andy Scott

Gillian Holmes