Club Rules and Constitution

  1. The Club shall be known as Werrington Joggers and will be open to all runners and joggers regardless of age or ability, gender, culture or creed
  2. The aim of the Club shall be to promote and encourage the sport of running to the wider community by organising and supporting local and national events and other charitable organisations. The club will provide opportunities to improve or maintain fitness and health through running
  3. The Club shall meet at least weekly, each Tuesday at Werrington Sports Centre Peterborough at 18.45 for a 19.00 start and at such other times and venues as shall be agreed
  4. A Management Committee and Officials comprising of; President, Vice President, Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and a committee of nine shall manage affairs of the Club. In addition a Race Sub Committee and Social Sub Committee may be elected at each AGM. These Sub Committees will report to the main committee as required
  5. Officials shall hold office until an Annual General Meeting, to be held by the end of November of each year at which time they may stand for re-election, a vote by members present (paid up) will decide the Officers and Committee for the following 12 months. In addition a members meeting may be held during the spring of each year
  6. Officers and Committee shall meet as and when required. The meeting to be called by the Chairman or Secretary
  7. Trustees, Officers and ordinary committee members of the club will aim to foresee and avoid any conflict of interest. Where one arises, they will at once declare that interest and absent them self from any discussion or vote taken on the matter by the other trustees, officers or committee members.
  8. All matters concerning the Club shall be dealt with by the Management Committee who will have the power to co-opt if necessary
  9. Membership fees, to be determined by the Committee, will be paid prior to the 31st March each year. Late payment by current members after the 1st April may attract an additional levy to be determined by the Management Committee
  10. New members will pay the agreed full membership fee (excluding the late payment levy) upon joining the Club, but those joining after the 1st February will be deemed to be members until the 31st March of the following year
  11. Visitors to the Club shall be allowed two free visits after which they will be asked to pay the current membership fee
  12. Applications for membership shall be vetted by the Management Committee which will have the power to refuse an application or terminate an existing membership at any time
  13. Members wishing to leave the club must be up to date with their subscriptions and put their resignation in writing to the club secretary in accordance with the rules of the UKA & EA
  14. Members must abide by the rules of Werrington Sports Centre and the governing bodies to which Werrington Joggers affiliate to
  15. An Extra Ordinary General Meeting may be called by the Officers and Committee, or by any 12 members who must list the reason or reasons for the meeting in a letter signed by all 12 members. Only the business of the letter will be debated at the EOGM
  16. The date of the AGM or EOGM shall be posted on the official Club notice board at Werrington Sports Centre at least 21 days prior to the meeting. Notices of motions or changes to the clubs rules to be raised at that meeting shall be submitted not later than 14 days prior to the meeting in writing to the Chairman or Secretary
  17. All monies, other than that which is required for the day to day running of the Club, shall be paid into the Clubs’ bank account
  18. The committee will have the authority of the club to spend up to 25% of its available cash balance, or £1000 (whichever is the lower) where the funds will not be recouped or 50% of its available cash balance, or £2000 (whichever is the lower) where it anticipated that the funds will be recouped. Expenditure over these limits will require an EOGM of the members to authorise such expenditure in accordance with rule 15 above
  19. The Club’s Treasurer shall present the Club’s accounts at the AGM or when called upon to do so by the Officers and Committee
  20. No Officer or Committee Member shall be held any more responsible, financial or otherwise than any other member of the Club
  21. These Rules and Constitution shall only be changed by a vote at an AGM (or EOGM called under rule 15) where a simple majority of those present will carry any motion. In the event of a tied vote the Chairman will have the power of a casting vote. At an AGM, AOB will be allowed at the Chairman’s discretion