Werrington Joggers had a successful night at the St Ives Track last night. 6 juniors attended from our club and as usual gave it their all.

There is only a limited choice of events at the development as it is a short evening meet. the older girls Hannah, Florence and Jolie choose to take part in 100m, 800m and Long Jump.   the u11 boys, Jamie, Alex and George tried out Shot put for the first time, 80m and 150m

The organisers were fantastic with our juniors giving them coaching point with the throw's event and encouraging them with lots of praise.

It's was fantastic to see the effort that they all put into the night and a few club records were broken.

Hannah Campbell broke Nicole Betambeau's u15's 100m record running a time of 14.10 She then beat her own Long Jump record with a new distance of 4.21 m

Not to be outdone, her younger brother Jamie broke two record which had both stood since 2008! He achieved 12..00 seconds in 80m (Kieran Coulson held the previous record with 12.4 seconds) and 23.2 seconds in150m (my son Callum Richardson held the previous record of 25 seconds)

Alex Gibbs threw the shot put the furthest out of the 3 Werrington boys with a distance of 3.61 m and created a new club record for the first time in this event for u11 boys.

Mark turner and I went along on the night to coach and encourage the juniors but decided to have a go ourselves. We both decided that the 100m seemed the better choice and we hoped that with enough effort that we would grab a club record ourselves and hopefully no injuries. MArk was targeting Eric Jeyes v50 100m time of 15.00. I was hoping to beat Gill Robinsons v45 100m time of 15.62.

We were put in the same race in lanes 3 and 4 and when the gun went off we gave it 100%. This was Marks first 100m and he ran 15.48 seconds. Close enough to give him the incentive to train and try to beat this record in the future. I managed to run 15.26 seconds and add my name to the v45 records board.

Well done to all the juniors who took part and special thanks to the parents for giving up their evening, Mark for helping me coach and encourage the juniors and Jayne for cheering, taking photos and writing down all the scores.

The next development meet takes place at St Ives on 18 July. If you want to know more about it then ask myself or Mark/Jayne Turner or look on the cambridge athletics association website for the entry forms.

Events available on 18 th July are: 100m, Cambridgeshire open mile (inc Cambs county champs for u17 to seniors) 200m, javelin, High jump and triple jump.

All field events need to be entered in advance.

U11s 600m, 80m and turbo javelin.