Stamford valentines 30K 2018


If you are in spring marathon training, then the Stamford 30K seem to be one of the essential local races to enter.

There was a very healthy contingent of Werrington joggers representing the club.

The race is organised by the Stamford Striders, and starts and finished at the Welland Academy.

There was ample parking at the school, and this was well organised with cheerful marshalling.

Number collection was from the schools main sports hall, this was also well organised with very little queuing. The very nice long sleeved technical shirts where handed out at this point, along with as many sweets as you wanted ! (Love hearts and chocolate hearts)

The start line for the race is in the street literally right next to the school. With about 15 minutes to the start runners where encouraged to leave the hall and make their way to the start line, at this point it became apparent we wasn't allowed off the school premises. With just a few minutes to go we was released and lined up on the road. (I'm sure this is to minimise congestion, and really wasn't a problem)

The race itself winds its was through some stunning countryside. It has to be said this is a 'hilly' course, although there are some fairly steep hills, none of which are overly long in my opinion, there are also some nice down hills to enjoy.

The cause is all Tarmac and takes you through several lovely villages including, Little Casterton, Tolethorpe, Ryhall, Careby, Pickworth and Great Catsterton.

The support from the locals in the villages was brilliant, with many handing out jelly sweets. Some villagers where playing loud poignant music from their houses, I distinctly remember 'Run to the hills' Iron Maiden, and 'Running up that hill' by Kate Bush lol ....

There are distance marked boards every kilometre and these all had funny quotes on them.

I must admit the kilometres seemed to wiz past for me, and I was soon at the 20k board, I then played a game of kilometre count down (whatever works I suppose)

I have to say the marshalling on this race was the best I've seen so far. Everyone was so happy and encouraging, very much appreciated.

The race finishes with a lap of the school playing field, and the last 100m where directly into the stiff breeze. The wind had been discussed if the preceding 24hrs, with some terrifying wind speeds predicted, thankfully the worst never happened.

There where plenty of water stations along the route, the water was in cups (not my favourite method) and also jelly sweets where handed out.

There was a nice 25 anniversary medal handed out just after the finish line, which took a lot of people by surprise.

The race was chip timed, and it should have been possible to get a print out of your time immediately, however on both occasions I tried to get my time, they where having some technical problems.

Back in the sports hall, there where plenty of goodies being handed out, including bottles of water, bananas, chocolate biscuits, energy shots and much more.


All In all a great event, incredibly well organised. I will definitely be returning.