Back by popular demand, that is to say I was asked by the lovely Ros Hamlyn if I was going to continue with the Frostbite race reports. I wasn’t sure at the time, but on reflection decided to run them again. We all complain from time to time about the cost of races and here we have a six race series that shines a light on the darkest days of winter and it costs you nothing to enter. It took me a while to get this point however and another race has come and gone in the meantime so this race report is a 2 in 1 special…you lucky people!

Race #1 – Priory Park

It’s a bit of a trek to St Neots which could be off-putting to some so I packed my car full of running talent. Simple rule, if you can’t make the scoring zone yourself, make sure you take someone who can. Journey down was a breeze, no road closures and parking was ample.

It’s a familiar set up at Priory Park and a tough test as you lap 3 times around a hilly field including a section that goes through the trees on the edge of the park.  We were lucky on the day, despite the forecast and it certainly rained on the journey down, it stayed dry for the race. That said the course was very wet from overnight rain and that particularly told through the woodland trails. Muddy puddle tip: go straight through the middle, yes, you’ll get wet feet but you won’t slip over trying to skirt around the edge like I saw one or two people do. The tough conditions brought its own reward come the finish. We were tired and muddy but it seemed to have put a smile on most people’s faces.

In total 36 Werrington Joggers made the journey, a fine effort considering the weather. We finished 7th on the day the scoring runners being: Paul Halford, Dan Richardson, Billy Slaven, Andy Keir, Malc Jacklin, Phil Hamlyn, Sadie Boor, Ann Wood and Louise Richardson. However, everyone that runs influences the scoring so well done to all.

Race #2 – Nene Park

Did I say Priory Park was tough? Nene Park had a sting in its tail this year. The course was unaltered, so the usual dash across the grass, onto the paths and through the cow field to Milton Ferry bridge, round the parkrun loop and up the hill to the old A47, normally thought of as the tough part but not this year, down the old road to the bridge, back across the cow field, past a grinning Billy (who seemed to be enjoying watching us struggle) onto the path round the back and across the grass to the finish. But that cow field! We will talk about it for years to come, it was very wet and boggy given the recent rain, but the cows had really done a good job churning it up and well, pooping in it. Heavy going and slightly yukky but we made it through.

48 Werrington Joggers turned up to race, actually 49, but I’m not sure if Chris Phillips has been allowed back into the country yet. To be fair, despite all the energy Chris spent winding up the rugby fans, he turned in a solid run and scored points, the other point scorers being Paul Halford, Dan McDonald, Jeff Lucas, Ellie Swire, Phil Hamlyn, Dan Richardson, Malc Jacklin, Sadie Boor and Ann Wood. But just to emphasise again, these are our top 10, but everyone that turns up makes a difference so well done to all those that did. We finished 7th on the day and are 7th overall.

A number of Werrington Joggers answered the call for help to make sure the race could go ahead for everyone’s benefit. In reality, this may have cost us a place or two in the final standings but it speaks volumes about the sort of club we are. Thank you to those that helped out on the day.

The next race is being held on the 8th December at the 1940’s Camp Ramsey, so I’m expecting the men to be smoking pipes whilst sporting vintage top lip hair and the ladies to be looking glamourous in victory rolls. I wonder if we can organise some post-race bread and dripping?