The St Valentine’s Stamford 30k is a tune up race for spring marathons run on the Sunday nearest Valentine’s Day so the conditions are usually rubbish.  It was cold, windy and a little wet.  In summary the course is 10 km largely downhill with a following wind, then 10 km up hill and down dale with more or less a cross wind, then it gets really spicy as the last 10 km are mostly up hill and into the wind, which due to both maths and psychology feels a lot stronger now.


My smart watch measured 310 m / 1,000 ft elevation, which to someone used to running up Amberly Slope is quite a lot.  However, the views are a lot more pleasant as well.  The course is run on quiet roads but it’s so scenic, it almost doesn’t feel like a road race.  Markers are every km and there are regular water stations and jelly babies.


As with most winter races, there was much debate as to what to wear.  Vest over short sleeves, long sleeves over short sleeves, shorts, leggings, it was like Ladies Day at Ascot!


Unlike many recent races, we were allowed inside before and after, which was very helpful in the cold and the wet and the wind.  There was a good turnout from Werrington Joggers, most training for spring marathons but not all.  It being the St Valentine’s run there is also a competition for couples based on their combined time.