Race Report: North Lincolnshire Half Marathon


Sunday May 5th, 2019

Debbie Montague


Being ‘up north’ at the bank holiday weekend I just thought I’d see what races where on and not that far from where I was staying was the North Lincolnshire Half marathon. The race is based in Scunthorpe at Quibell Park athletics stadium. It prides itself on being an ‘inclusive’ race. There were a number of blind runners out on course with their guides, wheelchairs were allowed and the pacers went from around 1.30 through to 3 hours. Unlike London, all facilities were still open until the last runner came over the line!


They also try and do all they can for the environment by;


Arriving at the park, there is ample parking in the field next to the athletic track, although I parked a in a free carpark about 5 mins walk away as the stadium parking can get congested when leaving. Plenty of facilities there; food/drink catering vans, indoor changing facilities, local running store stand and both porta-loos and toilets inside main facilities and a very well organised bag drop.


The start of the race is about 5-10 minute walk from the race HQ and finish. About 20 minutes before the start, a lone bagpipe player heads off from HQ to the start followed by all the pacers and then runners which just added to the atmosphere of the race (although not sure I’d be too happy if I lived in the houses close by lol).



The course itself is fairly flat, couple of inclines where we crossed over main roads but still not much. It was quite open so if windy and/or wet might not have been quite so pleasant. It reminded me of doing a race around Eye/Thorney. The route took us though a number of villages and I have to say the support was superb with people coming out with orange quarters and sweets. There were also quite a number of marshals’ on-route and we had cycle support throughout. Plenty of water stops and even a jelly baby stop at around mile 7. Water stops had a combination of plastic cups of water and small bottles. Obviously last year had been very hot, so they had a couple of ‘shower’ areas on route.


The race finish is back at Quibell Park on the race track, where you do ¾ loop before heading in across the finish line. T-shirts, medals and water bottle collected they gave out cakes and to my surprise they even had a gluten free option. Back inside, were really nice changing facilities with hot showers.


On the way out I noticed that, like Norwich, they had a stand selling some of the left over t-shirts from other races. At £1 a piece they make great training tops and another chance to raise some money for charity.


Course Route




Course Elevation



Good Points


Not so good Points


If I wasn’t still recovery from my marathon I would have really enjoyed that race (tried to run to far too soon!). Very well organised, great support and a really nice course. Everyone was really nice and friendly, the marshals and volunteers were amazing out there and as it was a bit out in the country I didn’t think it would have as much support as it did. I’d definitely do that one again.