It was a bit chilly last Sunday for latest instalment of the Frostbite League. But it didn’t cool the enthusiasm of the Werrington Joggers, 69 of us turned up to run the 5 mile course around Nene Park. Comfortably the largest team on the day and worthy of our place in the Peterborough Telegraph this week.

I arrived early so no trouble parking. The later you arrived the more difficult parking seemed to be. The overflow car park wasn’t in use which would’ve helped so ‘creative’ parking was required. There were queues at the pay machines on the way out but overall not too bad.

Conditions for the run, whilst chilly when standing around at the start were about perfect for racing. Underfoot the ground was firm enough not to need trail shoes and that cool breeze was refreshing. The course starts and finishes across grass, with the rest being a mixture of smooth and gravelled pathways. There is a steep climb in mile 3 but once at the top you can enjoy the downhill glide. You get a good view of the finish line from about 100-200 metres out which certainly encouraged me into a sprint finish, getting past as many runners as I could. Once over the line and after I’d tucked my lungs back into my chest, cake was served. Lovely.

Marshalling at the busy junction next to the Milton Ferry Bridge was excellent, in fact marshals all around the course were friendly and supportive.

In the competition itself we finished 6th on the day and are up 2 places to 7th overall after 2 races. Our 10 scoring runners this time were Jack Green, Dan Richardson, Jeff Lucas, Phil Hamlyn, Ellie Swire, Malc Jacklin, Steph Parker, Billy Slaven, Thomas Hamlyn and Sadie Boor. All the rest of us helped by pushing down the scoring runners from other teams.

It was a huge turnout for us, so many yellow vests was great to see. Would be fantastic if we could do it again at race 3 which is on the 9th December at Hinchinbrook Park.