The Sandringham 10k 2022 was re scheduled this year after the passing of our Queen. 

The race was moved to the 13th November. 


There is ample free parking on a large grass field, about a 5 minute walk from the start. As the grass was very wet with dew it meant wet trainers !! Not really a problem when your about to run 10k on trail, grass and tarmac. 


In the event village there were 2 banks of toilets and a urinal for men. 

The urinal was quite comical tbh .... there was just enough room for 6 men at a time, only problem was the single door on entry and no room to walk behind the men ummmmm  relieving themselves, meant you had to enter as a team of 6 and then wait for the last person to finish, and then all leave together 🤣


There was an ice cream van, a coffee van and a BBQ van. Also a bag drop area.

The run itself is, I would say around 50% trail and 50% tarmac and hard paths. 

The course takes you right past Sandringham house and St Mary Magdalene Church, where the Queen went every Christmas day. 

Although it was a misty dull day the scenery was still lovely. 

You run through lots of windy forest paths, that had it have been a wet day would be quite slippery! 

I would advise trail shoes if it was wet! 

I ran with road shoes, with no problem. 


The first 5k is surprisingly tough with lots of smallish hill climbs, but they do add up in your legs ! At the very moment you hit the 5k mark the course starts to go back down hill !

In fact nearly all of the last 5k is down hill.


On completion you get quite a nice goody bag with snacks and a drink, the medal is also quite nice 👍 


All in all I really enjoyed this race, it has a big event feel. 


I'll be back 😉



Ps there's a Mc Donald's on the way home 😬 after running 10k  with no breakfast, it'd be rude not to 🤣