It had been raining in the days prior to the race which could only mean one thing - mud, glorious mud and 40 Werrington Joggers turned out armed to the feet with trail shoes ready to take it on.

Hinchingbrooke Park itself is a lovely location with ample facilities including toilets and a café. Parking was excellent, plenty of room over at the Hospital and just a short walk down to the venue.

The race starts on the grassy area in front of the children’s play area, there is plenty of room here, the tip being start fast. Quickly the course funnels down to a gravel track that is almost single file. I was slowed to a walk a one point. From there it was a climb into the wooded area. On that climb is where the mud was to be found. It made the climb tougher and also obscured a few tree roots, but at least if you did trip the landing was soft. As you descend the hill you go back onto the gravel track and down to the waterside still shaded by trees then you briefly exit the park, run alongside the main road then re-enter back through the park across gravels tracks and grassy areas. The grass had been pot-holed by rabbits, so some caution was required. Onto lap 2 which doesn’t exactly follow the first lap, but it does start with the climb up the hill through the mud, down the other side to the water’s edge, cuts out the main road section coming back towards the café to the finish. Certainly a tougher course and conditions than the previous races, but for me my shoes were a little too clean, there was mud, but I would’ve loved more.

On the day we finished in 7thand currently sit 8th overall but importantly just 5 points behind 3rd place so very much in touch for a podium finish. Scoring runners this time were Ellie Swire, Sadie Boor, Ann Wood, Jack Green, Jeff Lucas, Dan McDonald, Phil Hamlyn, Malc Jacklin, Stuart Crosby and James Burton. Well done to them and to everyone that made the journey.

The next race takes place in March on January 13th. Hopefully we can have another great turnout.