A brave yet small (26 in total) enthusiastic army of WJ's put on the gold and blue to tackle one of the toughest local runs around. For those of us running this for the first time the early morning fog denied us the pleasure of viewing Belmont Tower which would be tackled 2.5 miles in.

Apparently the views are amazing but that was the last thing ...on peoples minds, with possibly 99% of the field having to walk up the hill to the Tower which was muddy, slippery and extremely steep, but why only do this once when you can do it twice from a slightly different angle!

The dog racers had a huge advantage being pulled up the hills. The down hill part was just as daunting but for obvious other reasons which took a few casualties including our very own Sarah Brown, fortunately the only damage was covering her very colour full leggings in mud!!

This was as tough as it gets, out and out cross country with runners normal road race times being shot out the window by 5-15 minutes, every Werrington Jogger thoroughly earning their medals and when the mud dried off we had a pretty fun morning. Huge congratulations to Jeff Lucas who came 1st in his age group and 7th overall.