Sunday run in a poem

By Claire Curt


My pillow is cozy and deep,

all I want to do is go back to sleep.


But the time has come for another Sunday run,

Everyone trying to tell me it will be lots of fun!


In the winter it's very muddy and wet,

But one week to another you seem to forget.


Trail or road shoes is the question,

Don't ask Roger for his unwanted suggestion!


In the summer it's nice and warm,

But whatever the weather us runners perform!


9 o'clock comes and off we go,

It really doesn't matter if you're fast or slow!


They say don’t stress its not a race

So please do just run at your pace.


Everyone's running and chatting away, 

You soon forget the time of day!


The fast ones at the front will stop and regroup,

The crazy ones will do the longer loop!


It gets harder and harder after each mile ,

But the Sunday morning gang will make you smile.


Once it's all over and everyone's back 

It's time for a yummy snack!


Coffee, tea and lots of cake

After a Sunday morning run you need a break.


 Homemade cakes are the best,

At sunday runs I'm always impressed!


We stand and talk and it's time to chill

After all we just ran up a hill!


The cake has gone, it's time go,

It's completely normal not to feel your toes!


You ran so far you've started yawning,

But it's all been worth it, it was a great morning!


Sunday afternoon comes and you’re feeling smug,

Running stops us feeling like a slug!


To all the Sunday morning crew,

If you were on trip advisor I'd write a 5 star review!


Thank you all for being so supportive and kind,

And thank you all for never leaving me behind!!