This was the 8th running of this race which starts and finishes at the small primary school in West Pinchbeck near Spalding and is organised by Spalding Tri Club.

There isn’t a great deal of space for parking but this is a small race so we had no problems parking by the church. There are marshals advising you were to go to park. It is then a short walk down the main road to the school. Numbers were collected on the day and there was no queue for this. They did run out of safety pins but as we always take our own this wasn’t a problem.

There were 2 portaloos outside and the staff toilets inside. I didn’t see a queue at any time, another benefit of the small field.

The race starts on the side road just outside the school and the route looks a little like a letter p. You run down the main road, turn right run down this road, turn left, run some more, turn left at 5k where there is a water station, run on, turn left and then this is 7k so it is 3k straight back down the main road with two sharp right hand turns to the finish on the school drive.

This is a course where you can see all the other runners strung out in front of you and often you can see the next km board from half a km away if not further. This may work for you or may be dispiriting.

The course is completely flat. If the weather conditions are perfect this would be a PB course but it is often windy and/or rather warm. Today it was windy and warm and the last 3km were into that wind.

The course has friendly marshals at every turn point. The water station offered cups or bottles with sports caps. There was a medal for all finishers.

There were refreshments including bacon sandwiches, cakes and drinks on sale at the end to raise money for the school.

It isn’t chip timed but due to the small field (155 runners this time) this isn’t an issue. Unfortunately, there was no clock at the finish so you need to wait for the official times to be published on the website.

A friendly, low key, local race which costs £9:00 to enter.