19/10/2023 Frostbite Number 1 Katie Green
A poem of Frostbite and belonging
18/04/2023 Race Report - Rutland Half Marathon Andrew Kier
Not Quite Flat
19/11/2022 A Lyrical Sunday Run Claire Curt
A sunday run in a poem
14/11/2022 Sandringham 10k Chas Campen
A Mixed Terrain Uppy Downy
14/11/2022 Club Handicap Helen Jacklin
A return to running and the club Handicap race
11/11/2022 Race Report - Worksop Half Marc Sampson
A Scenic and Hilly Half
27/10/2022 Race Report - Great Eastern Run 2022 Andrew Keir
Return of the GER after 4 years
17/10/2022 Race Report - Milton Keynes Marathon 2022 Andrew Keir
Twisty Course with Stadium Finish
02/04/2022 Race Report - Manchester Marathon 2021 Andrew Keir
A long awaited marathon
02/04/2022 Race Report - Stamford 30k Andrew Keir
Quite possibly the toughest course and conditions I have ever run
03/05/2020 Race Report - Oundle 20 Ian Humphries
A last blast before lockdown
06/03/2020 Race Report - Huntingdon Frostbite Ian Humphries
Ladies Day at Huntingdon Races
04/02/2020 Race Report - Bourne Frostbite 2020 Ian Humphries
A Dark Day at the Races
30/01/2020 Race Report - Folksworth 15 2020 Derdrie Fee
Iconic Local Race
27/01/2020 Race Report - March Frostbite Ian Humphries
The Great Shoe Debate
15/12/2019 Race Report - Ramsey Frostbite Ian Humphries
No DeLorean Required
27/11/2019 Race Report - St Neots Half Ian Humphries
Fast flattish and hard to get into
19/11/2019 Race Report - Sublime Long Sutton 10k Carol Cook
Fast Flat and Well Organised
15/11/2019 Race Report - Frostbite Race 1 and 2 Ian Humphries
Two in One Special
09/09/2019 Race Report - Transrockies Finlay Nelson
Six days of rocky running
13/05/2019 Race Report - North Lincs Half Debbie Montague
Flat, friendly, well supported and organised. Well recommended.
06/05/2019 Race Report - Virgin London Marathon 2019 Sarah Wynne
Crowded but iconic, if you can get it.
05/05/2019 Race Report - Norwich Half Debbie Montague
Soggy rain; hot showers
05/05/2019 Race Report - Borough of Kingston 16 Debbie Montague
Pleasant race with very limited organisation
05/05/2019 Race Report - Oundle 20 Debbie Montague
Nice race, nice T-shirt, poor parking
28/04/2019 Race Report - The Peterborough Marathon Phillip Hamlyn
Flat, perfectly organised, and just down the road
24/04/2019 Race Report - Rutand Half Andrew Keir
Picturesque but challenging half marathon.
08/04/2019 Race Report - Conwy Marathon Ian Humphries
"You weren’t expecting that hill were you?"
24/03/2019 Race Report - Carsington Half Stephen Gabbutt
A reservoir trail race
24/03/2019 Race Report - Thames Riverside 20 Debbie Montague
Nice race; few facilities.
24/03/2019 Race Report - Retford Half Debbie Montague
Rainy damp half; with yoga
02/03/2019 Race Report - Naseby 1645 Debbie Montague
A hilly 16.45 miler
25/02/2019 Race Report - Sublime Winter 10k Sharon Thomas
Nice Race, Wrong Season
12/02/2019 Race Report - Frostbite #5 - Bourne Ian Humphries
Iconic. Frozen.
24/01/2019 Race Report - Folksworth 15 Sarah Wynne
30th Anniversary Celebrations
23/01/2019 Race Report - Frostbite #4 - March Ian Humphries
09/01/2019 Race Report - Peterborough NYE 10k Laura Whale
A new Ferry Meadows 10k
08/01/2019 Race Report - Victoria Park Half Debbie Montague
Many Laps to make a Half
20/12/2018 Race Report - Valencia Marathon Debbie Montague
Flat and science-y
20/12/2018 Race Report - Frostbite #3 Ian Humphries
Mud, mud, glorious mud
19/11/2018 Race Report - Long Sutton 10k Ester Redman
Well organised and flat 10k
09/11/2018 Race Report - Nene Park Frostbite Ian Humphries
A sea of Yellow and Blue
05/11/2018 Race Report - Its Grim up North 20 Debbie Montague
Hubble Bubble Toil and Trouble
16/10/2018 Race Report - BRJ Frostbite Ian Humpries
An Autumn Dash
15/10/2018 Race Report - Doura Ultra Finlay Nelson
A Portuguese Adventure
15/10/2018 Race Report - Nine Edges Endurance Finlay Nelson
20 Mile Gritstone Romp
04/10/2018 Race Report - Draycote Water 20 Debbie Montague
Round and round we go
25/09/2018 Race Report - The Northamptonshire Half Chris Philips
Run from the pub
25/09/2018 Race Report - The Leighton 10 Caroline Sefton
Rural, sceni and slightly undulating
25/09/2018 Race Report - The Severn Bridge Half Chris Philips
Four Bridges
19/09/2018 Race Report - APB Coastal Half Sarah Wynne
Tempted by free ice cream
18/09/2018 Race Report - The Rutland Half Caroline Sefton
13.1 miles of wind, hills – oh, and some lovely views!
17/09/2018 Race Report - The Purbeck 16 Phillip Hamlyn
Oh not it isn't !
17/09/2018 Race Report - The Ponton Plod Debbie Montague
A highly recommended multi-distance race.
17/09/2018 Race Report - Welwyn Half Debbie Montague
A postponed half
07/09/2018 Race Recce - The Dark Peaks 14 Phillip Hamlyn
Its dark, its peaky, its boggy
07/09/2018 Race Report - The Erewash Half Debbie Montague
The wheels on the bus ...
18/08/2018 Race Report - The Great Wilderness Challenge Finlay Nelson
The big empty.
13/08/2018 Race Report - Newark Half Marathon Sarah Brown
The Eden Hall Middlebeck Newark Half Marathon - Longest name ever ?
10/08/2018 Results - The Werrington Closed 5 Phillip Hamlyn
Detailed result of the Werrington 5 closed club championship race
10/08/2018 Race Report - Gravel Hill 5 Debbie Montague
What goes up, must come down.
29/07/2018 Race Report - Heckington 10 Denise Fassler
A Heck of a Race
23/07/2018 Race Report - The Gobling King Debbie Montague
"You remind me of the babe"
23/07/2018 Race Report - Great Grimsby 10k Gordon Pennington
Pain now, beer later.
04/07/2018 Race Report - Race to the King Rosslyn Hamlyn
A lady's tale
04/07/2018 Race Report - Race to the King Phillip Hamlyn
The Knight's tale
26/06/2018 Race Report - Humber Bridge Half Debbie Montague
I did it on the Bridge
21/06/2018 St Ives Development Meeting Louise Richardson
St Ives development meet 20 June
21/06/2018 Race Report - Endure 24 Stephen Gabbutt
24 hours of running fun
18/06/2018 Race Report - Road 2 Recovery Half Debbie Montague
A Melton Mountain
16/06/2018 Race Report - The Austwick Amble Fell Race Derek Smith
A holiday interrupted by a little run around the hills
08/06/2018 Race Report - Edinburgh Marathon Vanessa Marsden
Tuneful and Windy London Alternative
05/06/2018 Race Report - Liverpool Half Ian Humphries
Rock n Roll Baby !
05/06/2018 Race Report - London 10 Mile Caroline Sefton
A Hilly 'Country Run' in London
04/06/2018 Race Report - White Peak Marathon Sarah Penketh
A scenic, hilly and hot trail marathon
04/06/2018 Race Report - Poole Half Marathon Debbie Montague
A Southern Challenge
02/06/2018 Race Report - Mustang Trail Race Finlay Nelson
A Nepalese Multi-day Ultra
11/05/2018 2 In 2 Geoff Ranson & Philip Turner
Accidental 2 marathons in 2 weeks
06/05/2018 Race Report - Pactrac Duathlon Wendette Christian
My Journey
05/05/2018 Race Report - Cakeathon Rosslyn Hamlyn
A 15m Cakeathon
04/05/2018 Race Report - The Longhorn Emily Douse
Holy Cow !
02/05/2018 Race Report - Brighton Marathon Chas Campen
Run to the sea, bathe in the glory ...
01/05/2018 Race Report - Greater Manchester Marathon Richard Taylor
A flat urban marathon with great support
01/05/2018 Race Report - Paris Marathon Debbie Montague
April in Paris
01/05/2018 Race Report - Newport Marathon Sharon Thomas
Flattest marathon in the UK
01/05/2018 Race Report - Pactrac Duathlon Sadie Boor
Another Sunday without a lie-in
16/04/2018 Race Report - The Grantham Cup Derek Smith
Mud, hills, water, dogs and more mud; the WJ's Club Championship 2018 gets off to a flyer (Sarah Brown).
12/04/2018 Race Report - Rutland Spring Half Caroline Hall
Inaugural Half, scenic, but hilly.
02/04/2018 Race Report - Oundle 20 Mark Turner
Local spring 20 miler
31/03/2018 Race Report - Bedford 20 Chas Campen
Inuagural mixed terrain 20 miler
27/03/2018 Race Report - Ashbourne 10 Heather Revell
Delayed but well organised 10 miler
18/02/2018 Leicestershire Half Sara Penketh
A new, but currently flawed, half.
15/02/2018 Be My Valentine ? Chas Campen
Stamford valentines 30K 2018
30/01/2018 Brief History of the Friday Run Jim Fell
The Friday Run has been in existence for about 20 years. It originated in 1996, when I was training for my first ever Marathon....
03/01/2018 Sunday Run - New Course Matt & Ester Redman
Course and parking details for the new Sunday Run 7/1/2018
04/12/2017 Race Report - Bedford Harriers Half Marathon Caroline Sefton
A Hilly Half
01/12/2017 Race Report - Valencia Marathon Prem Dvorak
Valencia marathon 19/11/2017
27/11/2017 Race Report - Clowne Half Marathon Sara Penketh
Clowning around the peaks
23/11/2017 Race Report - Derwent 10 Jim Fell
Lakeland Racing
28/10/2017 Race Report - Venice Marathon Sarah Brown
A warning, this is probably more of a loooong story than a review, but once I got going I couldn’t stop…….
02/10/2017 Race Report - West Pinchnbeck 10k Rosslyn Hamlyn
West Pinchbeck 10k 24th September 2017
21/09/2017 Race Report - Dunstable Downs Challenge Sarah Brown
Race report on the Dunstable Downs Challenge
19/09/2017 Race Report - Cotswold Classic 10m Debbie Montague
The Cotswold Classic is a firmly established event in Witney, Oxfordshire
10/09/2017 Race Report - Greater Cambridge 10k Denise Fassler
Race report on the Greater Cambridge 10k 10/09/2017
05/09/2017 Race Report - Wissey Half Marathon Sara Penketh
Report on Wissey Half 03/09/2017
02/09/2017 Race Report - Bedford Runners Half Marathon Phillip Hamlyn
Report on the inaugural Bedford Runners race held at Priory Park.
17/11/2016 Annual General Meeting Tim Cook
Chairmans Report for the 2016 AGM
16/11/2016 2017 Club Championships Phillip Hamlyn
2017's Club Championship Race Calendar
17/10/2016 GPAN National Award Tim Cook
GPAN Build on their Eastern Region award by winning the national Project of the Year award.
12/09/2016 GPAN England Athletics Award Phillip Hamlyn
England Athletics Regional Prize given to the Peterborough Athletics Network